Introducing WindClick: Your Wind Resource Assessment Solution

WindClick is an assessment that accurately forecasts the wind energy potential of your site. With our service, you can measure wind speed and calculate your wind energy yield, empowering you to negotiate with confidence when dealing with project developers, lenders, and turbine manufacturers.

WindClick Benefits

  • De-risk Your Investment with Wind Resource Assessment – Gain insights into the viability of your project before investing capital, with a detailed analysis of your site’s wind energy potential.
  • Realise Your Site’s True Value with Wind Analysis – Prevent developers from undervaluing your project
  • Fast and Simple Wind Speed Forecasting – Receive your WindClick report within two days of making your request.
  • Demonstrate Your Commitment to Wind Energy – Impress developers and lenders with a clear demonstration of your commitment to your wind energy project.

About Digital Engineering

Digital Engineering has assessed thousands of sites across the UK, providing us with the knowledge and expertise to develop WindClick into the go-to initial wind source assessment in the country.

Our wind resource and site reports offer a range of options, from initial resource assessments that deliver feasibility and yield estimates to in-depth site analysis to more accurately forecast your ROI.

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