Digital Engineering has performed an initial analysis on the development of wind resource for the 17 ScotWind sites using an ensemble of the CMIP 6 Climate Change scenario data.

Line Rating Assessment Pilot Project

Digital Engineering (DE) has developed a system that uses weather modeling and data analytics to assess the effects of weather on the static line rating for each span, to identify routes that can safely have their static line ratings increased.

Wind-induced Wear and Corrosion Assessment Pilot Project

Using data analytics and weather modeling, Digital Engineering can accurately predict spans with a high likelihood of defects, leading to more cost effective inspection programs, optimal asset management strategies and the potential of millions of dollars of savings in deferred asset replacement.

Weather-Normalized Demand Analytics

An original study was led by Digital Engineering Ltd. (DE), in which the effect of weather patterns and consumer behavior on peak electricity demand were analyzed at the level of individual substations. The described method was applied to a distribution network managed by a Distribution System Operator (DSO).

Creating more powerful power forecasts for Bloomberg

With weather the most frequent driver of short-term movements in the power and gas markets, Bloomberg wanted access to reliable energy forecasts.

Exploring the effect of exposure on asset degradation for the National Grid

The National Grid wanted to find a way to accurately predict the degradation of their assets due to environmental exposure.

Analyzing the impact of weather on demand for SP Energy Networks

SP Energy Networks wanted to find a way to separate the effect of weather and consumer behavior on peak demand at a more localized substation level, instead of just license level.

Temperature Forecasts for Ambient-Adjusted Ratings

Digital Engineering helps their clients meet FERC regulations by guiding them towards a safe and reliable solution that is right for them. 

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Weather Modelling for Power Generation

Have a look at the agenda for our new one-day training course which is aimed at helping power generators get the most out of weather data. Learn more about how you can optimise your use of weather data to improve your operational efficiency and maximise the output of your power station.

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