Climate Change Impact Assessments

Climate Change is already happening, it isn’t reversable and is getting worse. Ambitious net zero targets have been set. However, the implementation is too slow to avoid Climate Change entirely. Businesses need tailored access to high quality Climate Change scenario data to understand the effects and adapt their strategies. This will allow them to capitalize on opportunities, manage risk and meet the evolving reporting obligations. Our Climate Change Impact Assessments enable informed, proactive decisions. Visit also our new website dedicated to Climate Change adaptation strategies.


Global temperature rise stands at 1.1°C compared to preindustrial levels and recent years have shown us that the future will be very different from the past: warmer winters with little snow, longer droughts, extreme heat events and increased flooding risk. Even if current Net Zero ambitions are achieved, a significant amount of change is already ‘locked in’. Every day we do not achieve Net Zero emissions puts our planet on a higher track. Analysis shows that the current global efforts to cut carbon emissions put the world on track for warming of at least 2.7°C, compared to pre-industrial levels, by the end of the century.

This is far higher than the threshold of 1.5°C agreed at the UN climate change conference in Paris in 2015. On our current trajectory the world has a less than 5% chance of keeping warming below 2°C. Prudent decisions should factor in Climate Change scenarios reflecting a +2°C trajectory and also higher impact scenarios to make the critical infrastructure resilient for future conditions.

Wind Yield Assessments

Understanding the output of a development is a crucial part of any wind farm project. Yield assessments have a direct impact on project finances and no wind farm can be built without one. Digital Engineering has more than 10 years track record delivering high quality, cutting edge yield assessments for 1,000s of wind projects.

To enhance our wind assessment services, we have launched a dedicated website that provides Wind Energy Yield Estimates for prospective wind farm sites.


Digital Engineering can provide data at each stage of the development pipeline. From quick and cost effective data at the prospecting phase, to highly accurate bankable data for project financing, turbine selection and windfarm layout.

Renewable Forecasting

As the volume of renewable power connected to the grid increases, it presents energy utilities with both exciting possibilities and demanding challenges. This means that understanding when and where this energy will be produced is more important than ever.


By utilizing high quality meteorological data, which is refined using specially-designed adaptive models, we can provide highly-accurate long and short-term forecasts for wind and solar production anywhere in the world. These forecasts not only enable a better understanding of the impact of renewable energy generation on power prices, but also of the amount of energy that is likely to be generated. This means demand can be matched to supply, minimizing the risk of imbalance.

Our methodology is industry-leading in terms of quality and accuracy, combining our inherent understanding of technology with meteorological data from high-quality weather models. This allows us to deliver extremely accurate power forecasts that are able to pinpoint region, time-step and delivery time.

A fully customizable service, it can be tailored to meet any requirement, with predictions supplied anywhere from one hour to two weeks in advance, with regular updates provided exactly when needed, resulting in a deeper, more insightful understanding of the data.

Constantly refined and evolving, our advanced models provide brilliantly reliable forecasts, the data from which helps to maximize returns from energy trading, minimize imbalance costs, inform operational decisions and aid energy integration.

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