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Digital Engineering Ltd awarded contract with Australian transmission operator, TransGrid

Digital Engineering Ltd is pleased to announce a new contract with TransGrid, an Australian Transmission System Operator (TSO), to model the effects of weather on a section of its overhead line network.  DE is an expert in weather simulation, power grid modelling and advanced data analytics.  This project will assist TransGrid, which operates the transmission network in the state of New South Wales, to fully operationalise its innovative dynamic line rating system.

DE will utilise a version of its high-resolution Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model developed by its team of meteorologists, data scientists, mathematicians, engineers and software developers to allow TransGrid to identify overhead line assets that are either shielded from local weather effects or sit in microclimates.

They will highlight spans which experience weather patterns significantly different from the data gathered at the nearest meteorological station by modelling weather variables such as wind speed, wind direction, temperature and solar irradiance.  The results will quantify the accuracy/uncertainty of the weather model data by comparing it to observed historical weather data across the region.

Rob Sunderland, Managing Director for Digital Engineering Ltd said: “Digital Engineering is helping companies understand the past, present and future impact of weather on asset condition and network operations by leveraging our understanding and modelling of both climate and power systems.  Advanced analytics is proving to be a powerful tool when managing a network infrastructure and optimising network performance. We are pleased to be supporting TransGrid in its efforts to operationalise its dynamic rating system.”  

Hoang Tong, Principal Engineer for TransGrid said: “Accurately determining the impacts of shielding and microclimates on transmission corridors is one the key in unlocking the dynamic capacity and robust design of transmission lines. This is an important aspect for TransGrid going forward, as we augment our transmission network to meet the energy transition to a lower emissions future, without compromising the delivery of reliable and affordable energy to customers”

Once the WRF model is proven on this section of the TransGrid overhead line network then, if appropriate, the process will be repeated for other parts of the system.

About TransGrid

TransGrid operates and manages the high voltage electricity transmission network
in NSW and the ACT, connecting generators, distributors and major end users. 

Our network is the backbone of the National Energy Market, enabling energy trading between Australia’s three largest states along the east coast and supporting the competitive wholesale electricity market. This allows energy consumers to gain access to the lowest cost generation available.

We strive to create value for our customers and the broader community by providing affordable, safe and reliable transmission services. Through efficient maintenance, proficient operation of assets and prudent investment in our network, we keep more than three million homes and businesses connected to electricity 24/7. 

We also offer a range of infrastructureconnectiontelecommunication and co-location services to meet the growing needs of our customers.

Digital Engineering will be at the 47th CIGRE Colloquium in Paris

Rob Sunderland and Aleks Modelewska will be attending the 47th CIGRE Colloquium in Paris next week. They will be discussing solutions and possibilities brought by data analytics to the processes of operations and maintenance in the utility sector.  If you are interested in learning about how Digital Engineering can help you with prioritization of overhead line inspections, extreme weather assessments for development of new lines or forecasting for renewables, reach out to us!

Digital Engineering’s Bristol team take to the skies!

Last week Digital Engineering’s UK office team had the experience of a lifetime, taking a hot air balloon flight over our home city of Bristol

The trip was to celebrate the successful conclusion of our innovative Overhead Line Asset Health project, working with the National Grid’s innovation team to improve how they classify Overhand Line spans in terms of deterioration due to environmental exposure.

We have recently received feedback that the project exceeded the customers’ expectations and delivered results on time and on budget. The team fully deserved a reward for their hard work and commitment, and what better way to show our appreciation that one of Bristol’s most iconic experiences with Bristol Balloons

It was an incredible experience, floating over the city taking in breathtaking views across the area and all the way over to Wales in the hazy distance.  We lifted off from the Long Ashton estate and drifted along vaguely following the course of the Avon river towards Bath, finally landing in a friendly farmer’s field near Upton Cheyney where after stowing the balloon away we enjoyed a glass of champagne while the sun went down.

Welcome to our newest team member.

We are delighted to welcome Aleks Modelewska to our team.  Aleks will be representing us in the US as Business Development Executive for Transmission & Distribution.  She completed her studies at McGill University, located in Montreal, Canada.  Prior to Digital Engineering, she spent several years at CEATI International, leading the transmission, protection & control, vegetation management, as well as grounding and lightning programs.  Along with a colleague, she started CEATI’s Women in Power Group, and in her free time she enjoys photography, hiking and learning about other cultures while traveling.

We’re at the IEEE!

This week Rob and Aleks are representing us at IEEE PES T&D Conference in Denver, CO.  Join us at booth 464 to learn more about our innovative products and services, and enter the competition to win a “ReMarkable” Tablet (!  We will be presenting a Products & Services Session on Wednesday 18th at 8:00am in room 704, where we will be discussing our unique, data-powered solutions, proven to boost performance, solve problems and increase profit for our customers.

Aleks will also be participating in the IEEE Women in Power panel session on Weds 18th, from 3:15pm in room 207.


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